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Who Are We

We are a group of consultants with years of experience working with the national carriers.

What Do We Do

With our combined knowledge of internal products and processes we can negotiate you the perfect service plan.

How We Do It

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Who We Are

PassConsult are premier negotiators of telecommunications solutions for both consumers and businesses. As a team, our highly skilled consultants have many years of experience in best practices of telecommunications optimization services.

  • We are independent consultants working on your behalf to allow you to keep on top of the ever-changing technology and rate plans.
  • We simplify the complexities inherent in wireless service billing through a sensible approach.
  • We provide advice, assistance, and solutions tailored specifically to meet your needs, while maximizing efficiency.

PassConsult - the independent telecom consultants with the knowledge, skills, and patience to help you attain maximum cost savings and optimized services.


Rate Plan Optimization - A Three Step Approach

  • Step 1 – The Analysis

    By reviewing your company’s wireless activities, we can learn usage patterns of the account and track where costs are being allocated. This kind of review provides the insight we need to propose the appropriate changes and generate immediate savings.

  • Step 2 – The Proposal

    We develop a customized proposal outlining potential savings and features, so that you can compare what we have sourced with your current plan. When our proposal is approved, simply authorize PassConsult to manage the changes to your account.

  • Step 3 – The Implementation

    We implement the proposed package with the approved provider to lower your costs and to ensure that you realize all the concessions and rebates you are entitled to.

Bill Auditing

PassConsult can perform monthly, quarterly or yearly audits on your invoices to guarantee that you are being charged the proper amount and are not over-paying for services that you do not require. We monitor your usage and spending to confirm that you are at the lowest possible price point. If over-charges are detected, we can assist in negotiating a bill refund.

Procurement Assistance

We can assist you in the procurement of new hardware, or new services. Our consultants will sit down with you and identify all of your needs. After evaluating your communication needs, finding the right service plans and hardware to meet those needs. We then assist you with the procurement and offer expert advice on the right solution for your business. Our experience and knowledge combine with strategic partnerships developed in the industry give us a clear advantage when shopping for the the best package for your consumers or business customers.


All the above are also provided for wired services. Please contact us for more information.

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